The city of Hvar is a unique fusion of luxurious Mediterranean nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, and mundane, tourist present.

It is situated in picturesque nature, facing the southern, side of the world that has given it all Mediterranean attraction and cheerfulness; facing sea, that gave it splendid and repeatable history, Hvar is an inexhaustible treasury of the scenery, atmosphere and adventure.
Its name derives from the Greek name for island and town, that stood where today Stari Grad (Hvar became an island’s centre in 13th century) stands – PHAROS.
Hvar gained glory and power during middle ages being an important port within the Venetian, naval empire. Today, it is centre of island’s tourism and one of the favourite destinations in Dalmatian riviera – a town of smiling and courteous people, who are almost only dedicated to tourism.


Anchorages, that city of Hvar offers are in port of Hvar and in ACI Club Palmižana on Pakleni Otoci.
When docked in city harbour you can enjoy in day and night atmosphere of the town. Pakleni otoci are one of the favourite nautical destinations on the Adriatic. Palmižana marina is situated in an attractive lagoon on the St. Clement island.

A group of 20 something isles and rocks situated in front of Hvar, by the name of Pakleni otoci – Hell Islands (or Hvar’s isles as locals would refer to them) is a unique and the most recognisable natural beauty of Hvar. Once bare, tame isles covered in fragrant heather, with a few fields (in olden day people sowed there wheat), and a small village Volker; today represents a spacious tourist resort of Hvar – famous by far Hvar’s sunny Arcadia.

Pakleni Otoci – Hell Islands are the prettiest part of Hvar’s, if not the of whole Croatian riviera. A playful chain of woody isles, dipped in a clear, azure sea, a few resorts and swimming areas, and a number of little, hidden away beaches, stone terraces facing sun, and beautiful deserted lagoons make, as someone said, “An Arcadia in grasp of the palm.” The resorts from the east to the west:

The famous and traditional Hvar’s nudist swimming area is situated on the Jerolim isle (which was named after the 15th century church).

There are showers and a restaurant.

The swimming area can be accessed by the organised, regular boat connection from the port of Hvar.

A woody lagoon on Pakleni Otoci, with a number of pebble beaches, numerous hidden places for relaxed enjoyment of the Hvar’s sea and sun, and picturesque submarine life.

There are several restaurants.

The swimming area can be accessed by the organised, regular boat connection from the port of Hvar.

The beautiful bay of Ždrilica is being situated on Pakleni islands, known by a number of pebble beaches, as well as the one called Mline.

For those seeking good food this bay offers several restaurants.

The oldest and most famous Hvar’s resort and the nautical marina. Palmiţana (Vingradišće lagoon precisely) is a spacious lagoon with shallow and sandy beach.

It is surrounded by the thick, pine forest, fragrant heather and rosemary bushes and various, exotic plants.

There are several restaurants and B&Bs. Palmiţana can be accessed by the organised, regular boat connection from the port of Hvar.

A traditional, local’s resort on Pakleni Otoci.

Once a roman villa, later a village dedicated to St. Clement.

Today it is a destination to everyone who wishes to spend holidays on Hvar, in a direct contact with nature and people of Hvar.

If you wish to experience plebeian festivity, visit Vlaka on St. Clement’s day, celebrated on the last Sunday in July.

There are several restaurants. Vlaka can be accessed by own or hired boat.