About us

After many years of working in tourism, after many miles, we decided to launch our little oasis of joy and happiness.
That’s how our story started.

Growing up by the sea, first boat rides, visiting the islands, hanging out by the sea … The sea becomes your second home. The passion for the sea and all the comforts it carries has created a small community of people who want to show all the guests the islands and the coast the way they see it. Our company offers private speedboat trips. Private trips have some importance and power to show you destinations as a place to go. Our team of young people who think alike is always at your disposal. Together, we have carefully chosen destinations. Trips are diverse and each is different. Everyone can find something for themselves. Private tours give you the opportunity to create a day out according to your preferences.

The biggest advantage of this job is primarily enjoyment. On the other hand, it is a great honor to be an ambassador for the Adriatic coast and all its hidden treasures. The greatest gift of this business is your happy faces upon your return from the trip. We are willing to share with you the enchantment and passion for our country.

Boat Characteristics

Engine: Honda 250hp

Length: 8m

Width: 3m

Max speed: 45 mph

Guests: max. 13, recommended 9




Sun Deck



Fish Finder