What is RIB?
The RIB ( Rigid Inflatable Boat ) is a kind of speed boat with a hull made of polyester. Around this hull is an air-filled tube applied. The low weight, combined with the rigid hull and a strong engine makes it a very seaworthy and maneuverable speedboat.
Is there a bathroom on the boat?
No, there is no bathroom on board. There will, however, be restaurants with bathrooms at many of our tour stops.
Can I smoke on board?
Smoking is not allowed on board.
Can I bring alcohol on board?
Yes, responsible alcohol consumption is allowed on board the boat.
Can I play my music onboard?
Yes! Our boat is equipped with a Bluetooth audio system, which you may use to connect your own Bluetooth enabled device.
Can I swim and dive in the Blue Cave?
The cave is protected, therefore swimming and diving are not allowed. The lenght of the time you will spend inside the cave is limited by the concessionaire, 15 minutes per boat.
Is it necessary to book online in advance?
Absolutely yes, if you want to make sure you get access at your desired time. Our boat tours are usually fully booked few days in advance, especially in the high season.
Will I get wet?
Usually our boats are dry, but if it's a windy day, some spray may blow across the deck. We will brief you on the weather conditions before departure.
What to bring on the boat trip?
On the boat trip you can bring: swimsuit, sunglasses, spare clothes, camera, sunscreen and money for lunch.
When I arrive at airport how to find speedboat?
When you land on airport our driver with sign containing your name will wait for you at exit. He will take you to speedboat which is 800 meters (5 minutes) from airport terminal. After 60 minutes you are at Hvar.