Private tours offer much more flexibility and can be tailored to their preferences, as long as they do not divert too much from the initially agreed itinerary. If  the guests wish to add in an additional spot to the offered itinerary, they should first discuss the possibility of that being done with the booking agency.

The biggest advantage of a private tour is that it offers the possibility of avoiding peak hours for huge waiting lines to enter the Blue Cave and Stiniva  beach (most popular spots).

Most of the organized itineraries start at the same time, so everyone ends up anchoring at the same time and in the waiting line for visiting the Blue Cave. This can sometimes take up to one hour or so. In the meanwhile, the guests on the private tours can stop by for a coffee, short sightseeing or swim stop to avoid the crowds in the waiting lines.

Another advantage is that the timeline for the agreed stops on the private tours is totally flexible. The agreed itinerary duration is 10 hours and guests on a private tour get to choose how much time they want to spend at any of the agreed spots they visit. Furthermore, choosing a restaurant for lunch is quite easy and the skipper can easily help with their recommendations.