Speed boat ride can sometimes be rough, depending on the sea and weather conditions.

Most often, the sea is calm and the ride is pleasant throughout the morning hours, while in the afternoon when ‘maestral’ wind starts to blow and the sea gets a bit more choppy, the boat starts hitting the created waves and the ride gets a little bit rougher.

It is also good to be aware of the fact that when the wind is strong, that there is a possibility of the guests in the boat being sprayed slightly by the sea water coming in, upon hitting the waves

The skipper always makes sure to check the forecast for the weather and the sea conditions before the tour takes place.  This way, the guests can rest assured that  the tours are always adjusted to the forecast, i.e. the skipper makes sure that the boat does not go against the waves, so that the ride itself is not tiring and uncomfortable for anyone.

Speed boat ride can sometime look dangerous, especially when the waves are big,  but there is no need to worry, as it would take extreme weather conditions in this part of the Adriatic, for the boat to be in the risk of being sunk.

It is always recommended to take sea sickness (motion) pills before the trip, if a person is prone to getting sea sick.