This really depends on how you imagine your day on the Adriatic. You can either rent a dinghy without a skipper and do your own tour (if you have a valid skipper’s permit for the vessel of your choice), or you could opt for one of the  organized tours that already form a part of our offer. Again, there are two options when you chose one of the organized tours – it can be a private tour where your group is alone on a boat, or it can be a public one, where the group on a boat is formed of individuals that have booked the tour separately.  For either option, the maximum capacity of the passengers is 12 pax. We  recommend choosing one of the organized tours, because you also get a local skipper who will have some amazing suggestions for best places to visit, and will know this area very well. If the guests are really just wanting a full day of just swimming in a nice bay, they can take the boat on their own (if possessing the valid permit), and just ask for directions to the closest safe bay where they could moor up for the entire day of pure swimming joys . Again, the recommended option for this would be to do it with the guidance of a local skipper on board, so as to have a stress free day.

It is important to note that, when renting a boat, it is mandatory to leave a deposit. The amount of the deposit depends on the price of the boat, and this deposit is given back if there is no damage on the rented boat when the check-out inspection is completed. The cost of the possible damage done to the rented boat is deducted from their deposit upon completion of the check-out inspection.