Stomorska, a village cosily nested in the north-eastern part of the island, is 12 km away from the main port of Rogač

This small fishermen’s village has only 250 residents, offering accommodation for about 500 tourists. The lucky few who manage to book an apartment in the summer season will enjoy the hospitality that accentuates the appealing old-times spirit of this tourist destination offering everything a modern tourist needs.

The view of the picturesque waterfront, stunning beaches and fishermen selling their catch in the early morning right by an exclusive yacht docked nearby, seems like something one can only see in a postcard. The place is a perfect blend of opposites:old stone houses, sailing boats and ‘kaići’ (small wooden fishing boats) dockedonly a few metres away, Dalmatian taverns and modern cafes. The beaches stretch along both the left and right side of the bay, where anyone can find their perfect place in the sun – an ideal spot for sunbathing and diving in the hot summer days. Stomorska’s rustic charm combined with the hospitality of its inhabitants will sweep you off your feet.

Stomorskais the island’s oldest coastal settlement that had been the home of skilled seamen who owned sailing boats and used them to transport wheat, lime andother products at the time when Šoltahad to pay levies to Split.Nowadays, sailing boats are used forcruise holidays in the Adriatic.