Maslinica is the only settlement and port on the west side of the island

The south side of the bay boasts a beautiful pine wood with secluded rocky beaches. In front of it lies an archipelago of seven islets (Polebrnjak, Saskinja, Stipanska, Kamik, Balkun, Rudula and Grmej), making Maslinica one of the most wonderful spots in the Adriatic. The beauty of the surrounding nature is in harmony with the historical, architectural and environmental values of the old castle and picturesque stone houses.

The settlement developed around the castle built by the noble family Marchi in 1708. Due to frequent pirate attacks, the Marchi brothers requested from the Venetian governor an approval to build a castle with a tower to defend the village. The family populated their estate with farmworkers from the regions of Dalmatian Zagora and Herzegovina, who were also engaged in fishing and seafaring. The family also commissioned the building of the church of St. Nicholas, located on the highest hill south of the bay.

Upon restoration of the castle and construction of a marina, the once small fishermen’svillage gradually grew into a tourist and nautical centre of the island, welcoming more and more tourists and repeat guests each year. A 300-year-old castle is now a carefully refurbished heritage hotel offering individually designed luxury suites, with a helideck and an exquisite restaurant.

This is a great tourist destination for the lovers of the nature, unspoilt beaches and the crystal clear sea, lately becoming increasingly popular with cyclists, rowers, yachtsmen and divers, as well as with the aficionados of recreational fishing and hunting. Adventurous tourists will surely go for a jet-ski ride, while those who prefer basking in the sun will go to the beautiful pebble beach or take a trip to the nearby ŠipkovaBay and be pleasantly surprised to find a sandy beach there, the only one on the island! Kayaking to one of the islets is also a good idea – the view of the nearby bays, Trogir and Drvenik,from the Parish Church of St. Nicholas, is quite rewarding, but we are sure that the view of the sun setting behind the islets scattered in the sea like gems will leave you breathless!

Those who prefer to stay on the coast can explore the biking/hiking trail connecting Maslinica with DonjeSelo and SrednjeSelo. You can also visit the nearby ŠešulaBay, whose geographical position and deeply-indented coastline make it a safe mooring site. There you can try local specialties for a unique gastronomic experience.

In 2013 Maslinica received a national award for the best tourist destination in the Adriatic with less than a thousand inhabitants, as an acknowledgment of its intact natural beauty and tourist achievements.