Useful facts about the Blue cave and Biševo island

We decided to present the island of Bisevo in a slightly different light.  Primarily because Bisevo is not just a Blue cave, it is much more than that.  Bisevo is located 5 kilometers from the island of Vis, with a population of 19 inhabitants.  Archaeological findings confirm that the island has been inhabited since prehistoric […]

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Why it’s Best to Choose a Private Tour

Private tours offer much more flexibility and can be tailored to their preferences, as long as they do not divert too much from the initially agreed itinerary. If  the guests wish to add in an additional spot to the offered itinerary, they should first discuss the possibility of that being done with the booking agency. […]

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Speed ​​Boat Ride

Speed boat ride can sometimes be rough, depending on the sea and weather conditions. Most often, the sea is calm and the ride is pleasant throughout the morning hours, while in the afternoon when ‘maestral’ wind starts to blow and the sea gets a bit more choppy, the boat starts hitting the created waves and […]

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