Daily rental

  • Check in at 9:00 am
  • Check out at 19:00pm
  • Security deposit required


  • Engine:/ Yamaha 115hp
  • Fuel tank capacity: 130l
  • Price from: 200 euros

Daily rental

  • Full Fuel tank
  • Valid license required

price from


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Daily rental:

Check in at 9:00 pm

Check out at 19:00

Security deposit: 350 euros (only cash)

Engine:/ Yamaha 115hp

Fuel tank capacity: 130l

Water tank capacity: 50l

Equipment: Radio, GPS, Bimini, shower, waistcoats

Fuel tank: fuel is not included in the price, the tank is full and renter is obligated to return it full

Valid license required

The average speed is 25 mph (depending on the number of people and the sea state)

If you want to choose your own route, go to  destinations and choose a route to your suit your preferences or contact us for a quote